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Animal Welfare/Animal Research Training

In Class Training:

Registration for all classes is online at the ACP web site and requires that you have a campus single sign-on account and be registered with the IACUC. Click here to obtain instructions for registration.

The UCSD Training Coordinator can be reached at 822-5686 if you have questions regarding the training.

Video Training - Methods:

Mouse Rat
Note: these video clips are provided for educational use only by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science. They may be purchased via their website

Other Training Resources:

The IACUC and Animal Care Program sponsor training and instruction in the humane care and use of animals and on the rules and regulations for working in the animal facility. Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD is a mandatory course which acquaints researchers with regulations, health hazards involved with the use of animals, and best practices in animal handling. Each person at UCSD must attend Orientation to Animal Research at UCSD before handling animals. Animal Facility Access cards cannot be issued until this class is completed. Other training classes will be necessary depending on the individual’s past training, experience and the particular species and procedures that the person will be involved with.
Additionally, the ACP veterinary staff is available for instruction on handling, restraint and procedural techniques. By request, training sessions can be conducted in individual laboratories.

New Faculty Orientation: The IACUC Office/ACP Staff is available (by appointment) to individually train new investigators and their staff on the rules and regulations for working in the animal facility, and on the services available for their use in each facility.

Staff veterinarians, including a board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist, are available for consultation during protocol design.

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